Too Soon to Say Goodbye
Healing and Hope for Victims and Survivors of Suicide
Susan Titus Osborn, MA; Karen Kosman, Jeenie Gordon, MS. MA, LMFT, 2010

Written by three women all uniquely affected by suicide, this compassionate perspective offers renewal of courage and faith for those grieving this tragic loss of a loved one. Grounded in Scripture and illustrated by true stories, Too Soon to Say Goodbye shows the magnitude of God's love in times of heartbreak and offers tested wisdom for allowing Him to heal the pain. Additional insights shed light on depressive illnesses; and for those considering suicide, the authors offer encouragement to choose life over death. 

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Wounded by Words
Healing the Invisible Scars of Emotional Abuse
Susan Titus Osborn, MA; Karen Kosman, Jeenie Gordon, MS, MA, LMFT, 2008

This book offers hope and healing through Christ from these unseen hurts. Women who have grown up with the harsh reality of verbal abuse understand the pain and suffering it causes. The results of this kind of mistreatment may not cause bruises and other visible injuries, but nevertheless, the scars are there. These scars remain in the heart and mind, causing fear, powerlessness, and dependency.

read more about Karen's new book, Too Soon to Say goodbye

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NEW! Breaking Invisible Chains

The Way to Freedom from Domestic Abuse
Susan Titus Osborn, MA; Jeenie Gordon, MS, MA, LMFT; Karen Kosman, 2013

For more than 1 million women in the United States, abuse -- whether emotional or physical -- is a way of life.  Every day these women put on invisible chains. Breaking Invisible Chains, written specifically for women by women, is an honest, personal, and encouraging message of hope and illumination.  Written by three survivors, the personal stories these women share will help you realize if you are in an abusive relationship or one that is just normal.  A professional therapist includes insight to specific abuse situations addressed while each chapter contains a strong scriptural emphasis.  The role of forgiveness is stressed throughout the book.  If it turns out your relationship is not normal, realistic advice on how to handle the ongoing dynamics after the relationship ends is also included.

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