Kind words from those who have been touched by Karen's message.

Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible testimony for outreach week. I know that many lives are touched, just as mine was. I have loved reading your book, "Wounded by Words"...it is so helpful for Stephen Ministers...actually for anyone. Please thank John too for coming along to introduce you...it was great to have him. I look forward to seeing you again at our Stephen Ministry meeting. You are helping so many by your speaking and writing. Thank you again for being willing to participate in outreach week.



I pray that you will be as blessed by us as we are by you and your message. 

In Him,
Eastside MOPS


Thank you so much, Karen.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!  You were such a blessing to us and two of the ladies who attended are just completing training to become Stephen Ministers.  God bless you and your outreach, Karen.

With love,
Betty Stedman


Hello Miss Karen Kosman

I guess you are the one who wrote the wonderful story, "Precious Moments" from the "Count Your Blessings - Chicken Soup for the Soul" book.  My heart was so touched and deeply moved for the most heart-touching article I have ever read in my life.  The story had a very positive impact on my life.  It warmed my heart and touched my soul in a positive way.

Best regards,
Hamca Balol
Saudi Arabia



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