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Any of Karen's topics can be presented individually or combined to meet your needs for upcoming events:

  • Women's Events

  • Bible Studies

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  • Weekend Retreats

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"Karen Kosman is a wonderful speaker who brings hope and encouragement through her powerful personal story!"
Kevin Downing,
Turning Point Counseling

"I invited Karen to speak at Hope Weeks, an intensive time of counsel, reflection, and mentoring. The groups could always relate to Karen's story. I personally was impressed with her willingness, love and professionalism."
Cynthia Rowland McClure,
National Speaker & Author of
'Monster Within'

"...it was evident that Karen has a heart to minister to women. We hope to have Karen back again!"
Monica L. Brislawn,
Director of Women's Ministries

"I invited Karen to speak with my MOPS group. I would recommend Karen Kosman as an inspirational and informational speaker for any group."
Shelly Radic,
Author and Speaker

Karen's Speaking Topics

When Words Begin to Heal
The old adage "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me" is not true. Demeaning, caustic words can cause invisible scars that erode self-esteem. Through Scriptural examples, inspirational testimonies, and Karenís own personal journey youíll learn to apply ďGodís loveĒ to your own life. Youíll come away praising God because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Whispering Voice
Many people struggle with hidden fears, and doubts that make them want to run from life. Karen uses the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19 to demonstrate God's love and mercy. She weaves in her own personal journey of faith through multiple traumas.

Thorns Among the Roses
Karen's heartwarming presentation on forgiveness demonstrates that it is a process that sets us free. Forgiveness is a sweet fragrance to our souls. It is the rosebud in the hand of Christ. Sometimes Christ is referred to in Scripture as the Rose of Sharon. Only He can set us free.

Thank God I Am Clay
With humor and insight, Karen shows her audience how God uses life's tough problems to mold and shape us. We can find wholeness in Christ - even after the loss of a child. When our hearts burn with grief, God is present molding us like fine silver.

Renewal of Hope
With humor and through Scripture Karen directs her audience to the truth that we are created with the loving hands of a heavenly Father. He has known us since we were in our mother's womb. All our days are accounted for. As individuals we are each "Somebody Special" to God.  Hope may be described like the upside of a beautiful embroidery piece.  It is the golden thread that God uses to bind together faith and love.  A masterful work of art God creates to join our hearts and souls together with patience and determination.

From Godís Heart to Your Heart: From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
What do you do when someone you love disappoints you, or even betrays you? Joseph didnít see the unexpected coming. One moment life was as usual, the next it dumped him into a pit. Being stripped of his multi-color coat and sold into slavery, by his own brothers, was not exactly the kind of day heíd planned. Yet, even from the pit, Joseph trusted God. Often life brings the unexpected, are you prepared? God taught Karen that when illness stripped her of the career she loved, He had a better plan. Through Scripture and true stories, Karen demonstrates how your life, too, can be transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Erasing Old Tapes
"Marriage is a gift from God," declares Karen in this presentation. "Yet, when John and I married we had to find a way to erase the old "tapes" - memories of past hurts." Karen demonstrates how through Scripture, prayer, and putting together a creative Marriage Statement, she and her husband overcame. We all need laughter, honesty, and trust in our marriages. Our faith became the roadway to our success in overcoming.

Grandma, Were You Ever a Mommy?
With a grandmother's love Karen explores with young mothers the importance of listening to our children. She emphasizes looking for special moments. Journaling your child's sayings will be a treasure that will warm your heart on the coldest of nights.

Heart to Heart
Karen uses humor and true experiences to enrich the hearts of young mothers. She presents thought-provoking answers on how to keep our children safe in a world that is sometimes hostile and unsafe. Karen says, "Developing faith in God enhances our children's well being and character."



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