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"Very good seminar. Stories were relatable. I liked the journal idea. Got lots of good notes. Very inspiring."

"Awesome Seminar! Great food, entertainment, speakers, and fellowship! Thank YOU! !"
Thank YOU! !

"Loved the day. Thank you for all the hard work!"

"Great fellowship food and program! Cant wait to read my new books!"

"I loved it all! Thank you for sharing your life story"

" I enjoyed the seminar very much. You touched on a very needed topic and I'm sure that all benefited from your wonderful presentations."

" We had a good day. God blessed us. The program was worthwhile."

Voices of Victory
A Seminar for Women - Teen to Adult

Let your voice be one of many who celebrate a renewed hope...come to Voices of Victory seminars.

Words are powerful. They make impressions on our hearts, minds, and souls. They can wound and they can heal. Women who have grown up with the harsh reality of verbal abuse understand the pain and suffering it causes. The results of this kind of mistreatment may not cause bruises and other visible injuries, but nevertheless, the scars are there. God is not silent about emotional abuse. In Scripture, the stories of Leah, Hannah, and Job are a few examples of verbal abuse. How they overcame this invisible destroyer is encouraging to us all. These stories demonstrate how God dealt with emotional abuse in biblical times, and how He expects us to handle this issue today.

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This seminar includes a luncheon and program that promise an unforgettable experience. Who hasn’t been “wounded by words?” Book us for a one-day seminar of hope and healing. About the Authors

Susan Titus Osborn, Karen Kosman, Jeenie Gordon
Authors of Wounded by Words



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